Dymphna Clark Lecture Series

2022 – Amy Remeikis – The politics of civility

2021 – Professor Megan Davis – The promise of the Uluru Statement from the Heart: The past, the present and the future of First Nations Australia

2020 – Professor Jenny Hocking – The Palace Letters

2018 Clare Wright – You Daughters of Freedom: The Australians who won the vote and inspired the world

2016 Drusilla Modjeska – Telling Stories

2014 Bill Gammage – The Future Makers

2013 Anna Funder

2012 Mark McKenna – Rethinking the Republic If Australia for the 21st Century

2011 Jackie French – History as Cliche’

2010 Maggie Beer – Domestic Harvest

2009 David Headon – Tomatoes, Melbourne Cups and Mark Twain: Sport and the Arts in Australia

2008 Kim Rubenstein – From Suffrage to Citizenship: A Republic of Equals

2007 Eva Sallis – Australian Dream, Australian Nightmare: Some thoughts on Multiculturalism and Racism.

2006 Anna Rubbo – Making Poverty History

2005 Gay Bilson

2004 Catharine Lumby – The Role of Intellectuals in Public Debate

2003 Katerina Clark – Women, History, Science and Ethics: Identity in Diaspora. A Case Study of the Refugees from Fascism in the 1930s.

2002 Anna Clark – Heritage and Responsibility

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