Manning Clark House is a Heritage listed property, recognising its significance as a house designed by the eminent architect, Robin Boyd, and its association with one of Australia’s most influential historians. Largely unaltered since construction in 1953, the house retains the distinctive characteristics of Boyd’s modernist practice, adapted to the relatively modest brief of providing a home for Manning and Dymphna Clark’s family  and reflecting the social and cultural contexts of their lives in the formative phases of Canberra’s development as a community and national capital. Now managed as a cultural centre, and hosting a diverse range of activities reflecting the creative and intellectual life of the city, it still retains the intimacy of a family home, conveying the vitality of those who conceived and lived in it.

Preserving these unique qualities, and ensuring the house retains its integrity while continuing to promote those values and pursuits, is a challenge. Manning Clark House Inc (MCHI), an ACT incorporated association, was founded by Dymphna Clark in 1997 and now functions on a purely voluntary basis. We welcome donations that will assist us in maintaining the house and its gardens and grounds, conserving the extensive library, artworks and furnishings that evoke the Manning and Dymphna Clark, their networks, contributions and personalities, and ensuring that the association enables the house to retain the capacity to support its extended communities and educate and delight its visitors.

We invite you to assist us in this work by donating either to help keep the association operating (including its heritage activities), or to one of the two specific tax-deductible funds (for cultural and conservation purposes) shown on the attached form. You might choose to support a specific project (for example, the restoration of one of several artworks by major Australian figures, or maintaining the kitchen garden Dymphna developed as an expression of commitment to sustainability); if you agreed, we would be keen to recognise your contribution on our website and in our programs; we would hope that your contribution might be only one dimension of the many ways in which ‘friends’ of Manning Clark House engage with us and enrich our work.

Any donation of $200 or above to any of the accounts shown in the attached form will be treated as a benefaction and will entitle the benefactor and family to one complimentary individual or couple membership of the association, as well as invitations as honoured guests to special events

If you wish to contact us to discuss how you might wish to help us, please send us an email at the following address: , and we will get back to you.

Make donations as shown on the attached donations form either by direct debit or by credit card payment and sending the form to the above email.  To make periodic payments to MCH please make arrangements with your bank and let us know about it on the form.

Please mark any email or correspondence for the attention of The Treasurer, Manning Clark House, PO Box 3096, Manuka ACT 2603.


Name & signature:  ________________________________________________________

Address:  _________________________________________________________________

Yes, I would like to support the work of Manning Clark House Inc. (MCHI) by donating to one or more of the 2 tax-deductible Funds or the MCHI’s general account as indicated below, by:

(a)  Making a single gift for the year of: 

$20    $50    $100    $150    $250    $500    Other amount $……….. , OR

  • Making a regular monthly contribution of:  $20    $50    Other amount $……….. .

You may make the donation by direct debit or credit card as shown below (preferred methods), or by cheque made out to the relevant Fund or account and sent to:  The Treasurer, MCH Inc, PO Box 3096, Manuka ACT 2603.  For periodic payments, make arrangements with your bank and let us know about them.

  • The Manning Clark House Cultural Fund 

For promoting approved cultural activities such as Australian literature and historical writing and other literature, performing and visual arts, and the preservation of movable cultural heritage, including the collections in the house.

Donations of $2 or more to this Fund are tax deductible.

Direct deposit:  Account name:  MCH Cultural Fund

BSB:       032 729   Account no.: 360 875

Transfer description:  DON xxxxx (1st four letters of surname + initial)

Date deposited or first recurring payment made:                               /              /             

  • The Manning Clark House Heritage Conservation Appeal Fund 

In collaboration with the National Trust (ACT) and the Clark family, to provide for the conservation of the heritage house, grounds and collections at 11 Tasmania Circle.

Donations of $2 or more to this Fund are tax deductible.

The easiest way to donate is to go to:

OR Direct deposit:  Account name:  MCH Heritage Conservation Appeal Fund

BSB:  032 729     Account no.: 374185

Transfer description:  DON xxxxx (1st four letters of surname + initial)

Date deposited or first recurring payment made:                               /              /             

  • Manning Clark House Inc general account

For supporting the continued operation of MCHI, including property management (including rates and utilities), and heritage activities

Donations to this account are NOT tax deductible.

Direct deposit:  Account name:  Manning Clark House                    

BSB:  032 729                                                     Account no.:       167 805                                               

Transfer description: DON xxxxx (1st four letters of surname + initial)                        

Date deposited or first recurring payment made:               /              /             

Credit card payment

  Visa                 Mastercard                                Date of payment:             /              /             

Card number                     /              /              /                              Expiry date                         /             

Name on card                                                                                    Amount                $             

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