Bishop George Browning In conversation with Professor John Warhurst AO on his new book on inequality, power structures, whistle-blowers and climate in Australia

Saturday 7 August 2021, 2.30 to 4.30pm

All Saints Anglican Hall, 9 Cowper Street, Ainslie, ACT

Reserve your place now for this very interesting and timely talk by Bishop George Browning in conversation with Professor John Warhurst on his new book and his concerns in relation to power structures, whistle-blowers, inequality and climate. Bishop Browning served as the 9th Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn in the Anglican Church of Australia.  (No admittance without booking)rra and Goulburn in the Anglican Church of Australia.

“Truth is easily discarded by those with power as they seek to cement their positions with ‘alternative facts’. Truth is a two-edged sword. When embraced, it is transformative. However, where advantage and privilege are fiercely protected, as is often the case in the day-to-day minutiae of politics, truth is almost always an unhelpful intrusion, threatening self-interest and power.

Speaking truth to power is a costly business as all whistle blowers can attest. The national broadcaster is severely punished if it lifts the veil on what increasingly unaccountable government politicians want to remain hidden. Now is the time for ordinary men and women to speak and act for a fairer, more just, more liveable future.

Not Helpful: Tales from a Truth Teller addresses these issues through biography and anecdote covering Bishop Browning’s episcopate in Brisbane from 1985 -1993 and in Canberra from 1993 – 2008” Bishop Browning.

Booking essential:     MCH members $10

Concession (Govt Support) & full-time students $12, Non-members $15.00


Light refreshments will be provided – please bring your own glass if possible due to COVID

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