Post-Soviet Russia: Perceptions and Prejudices

2.30pm, Saturday 17 July 2021

Manning Clark House, 11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest

Vilifying the governance of post-Soviet Russia is deeply embedded in many Western analyses of the country’s domestic and foreign policies.  The prevailing assumption is that, under President Putin’s leadership, the Kremlin has reverted to a Tsarist-style authoritarianism, which has undermined the path towards the institutionalisation of constitutional democracy.    Dr Dorothy Horsfield will argue that such claims are more revealing of the West’s geopolitical dogmatism than any attempt to understand the complex realities of Russia’s contemporary political culture.  Her talk will focus on two areas.  The first is the intellectual debates among the elite about the country’s challenges in the transition to a stable, modernised state.  The second is a look at the related issue of how the Russian economy is faring in this transition.

Dr Dorothy Horsfield is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Studies Institute at the ANU.  She is a member of the Steering Committee of the university’s Emeritus Faculty. She has a Master of Strategic Affairs (Hons) from ANU, a Master of Science (Hons) from London School of Economics and Political Science, and a PhD in Post-Soviet Russia from ANU. She has worked as a journalist in Moscow, the UK, Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan, the Thai-Burma border and Australia.

She is author of five books of both fiction and non-fiction.  Her most recent book, Russia in the Wake of the Cold War – Perceptions and Prejudices, was published in 2017 and reissued in paperback last year.

Booking essential (no entry without booking):  MCH members $10

Concession (Govt Support) & full-time students $12, Non-members $15.00


A waiting list is available if booked out with the possibility of a 2nd session

Refreshments will be provided but please bring your own glass, due to COVID restrictions.

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