Poetry 25 July 2019

Manning Clark House, 11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest, ACT.

7pm for a 7:30pm start

$10 entry includes drinks, nibbles and door prizes.


Fiona McIlroy

Luke Whitington

PS Cottier

Fiona McIlroy
Fiona McIlroy has convened Majura Cafe Poets since 2009, as well as the Poetry in Motion train from Canberra to Sydney. In 2009 Fiona won the HRAFF Poetry Prize, and has been shortlisted twice for other international prizes. Her poems have been included in over 15 anthologies. She has published two collections (Ginninderra Press 2002 and 2009).

Luke Whitington
Luke Whitington’s moves between Sydney, Canberra and his property at Mongarlowe and between countries – Australia, Ireland, Italy where his work has been included in well-established poetry publications for many years. In Australia he has been published widely, including Quadrant, Overland, Canberra Times, Contrapasso, and included in The House is not Quiet and The World is Not Calm, edited by Kit Kelen and Geoff Page and the Australian Love Poetry Anthology. His book Only Fig and Prosciutto (Ginninderra Press) was published in 2017.

PS Cottier
PS Cottier has a PhD and a law degree, neither of which helps with the writing of poetry. She co-edited The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry and written three full length collections. Her poetry has been published in Canada, India, Japan, the UK and the USA, as well as in Australia. She often posts original poems at pscottier.com.

Contact: Dr Hazel Hall 0417 140 741 / hazelshall@gmail.com

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