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Of Foxes & Hen Houses

Of Foxes and Hen Houses: The Story of Why Battery Cages are Still Legal in Australia


With all the publicity about how cruel it is to keep hens in battery cages, you may wonder why these cages are still legal? Come to this session and hear the current science on the welfare impacts of battery cages. Learn about Australia’s national standards for poultry and how these are developed. Become informed about the deficiencies in how Australia sets animal welfare standards, with a graphic poultry case study. Find out, too, about RSPCA Australia’s campaign to end battery cages and options to get involved.


The highly expert speakers will be Dr Jed Goodfellow: a Senior Policy Officer at RSPCA Australia and a Lecturer in Animal Law at Macquarie University. Prior to undertaking his postgraduate research, Jed practised as a prosecutor for RSPCA South Australia, a solicitor for commercial law firm Clayton Utz, and worked as an inspector for RSPCA Queensland; and Dr Kate Hartcher:


Scientific Officer for poultry at RSPCA Australia, involved in providing science-based information, advice and comment on welfare issues. Kate has an honours degree in Animal Science, and subsequently completed a PhD on the behaviour and welfare of free-range layer hens at the University of Sydney.

There will also be an opportunity for questions.

Wednesday 21 September at Manning Clark House.

The speakers will begin at 6pm. There will be light refreshments from 5.30pm and afterwards.

The session is free but bookings are essential on-line at or by phone at 0427975500

Advance Australia Where?

Manning Clark House will host a panel discussion on the future of this country. in 3 years in 10 years and in 50 years.

Should we live in a decent society as started last century , then continued in the forties, seventies and eighties? Or do we gurgle trickling down?

The title is “Advance Australia Where?”.

The discussion will be umpired by Genevieve Jacobs and will include:


Richard Dennis (Australia Institute)

Alex White (UnionsACT)

Alex is the Secretary of UnionsACT, the peak council representing working people in Canberra. He was previously the Campaign Director for Environment Victoria, union services manager for Slater & Gordon Lawyers, and has worked in the disability sector. In 2012 Alex was an Organising Fellow for the Obama 2012 presidential campaign based in Boston, and before that was campaign coordinator and organiser for several unions. Alex is a director of ACTCOSS, and has been a director of Greenpeace Australia-Pacific and The Wilderness Society

Karen Middleton (Journalist)

The event starts at 6.00pm and each speaker has up to 15mins to paint the future of Sunny Australia followed by 45mins of discussion.

The event is on

Thursday 15th of September 2016, 6.00PM START


11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest

Admission is $15 Ordinary an $10 Members.

Seats are limited to 50 so please RSVP to avoid disappointment.

Please RSVP to or 02 6162 0908 (Marisa Gonzalez & Co Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm)

Nibbles and drinks will be served