David Horner’s ‘Official History of ASIO’ — is it honest history? was Spry a traitor? An Honest History talk by Ernst Willheim


5:30 pm, Thursday 26 March at Manning Clark House. To book email info@manningclark.org.au or phone us on 6295 1808. Entry $18 ($10 concession, members free)

Yes there really is an official history of ASIO. What would we expect from a publicly funded official history? Is this honest history? In this provocative talk, the first of Manning Clark House’s Honest History series for 2015, Ernst Willheim will focus primarily on ASIO’s surveillance of ordinary members of the Australian community academics, writers, journalists, trade unionists, and others holding progressive reviews. He will ask whether, by creating a climate of fear and intimidation, ASIO was undermining the fabric of Australian society. In light of recent revelations, he will also ask whether Colonel Spry, long head of ASIO, was a traitor.

This talk is part of Manning Clark House’s Honest History series presented in partnership with Honest History: Supporting balanced and honest history.

Ernst Willheim is a member of the Manning Clark House Committee and a Visiting Fellow at the ANU College of Law. Before his retirement he was a senior officer in the Attorney-General’s Department, specialising in constitutional law, administrative law, international law, human rights and indigenous issues.

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