About Manning Clark House

MCH Garden
MCH Garden

Manning Clark House & Gallery is a not-for-profit organisation supporting honest history, literature, culture and human rights.

We aim to promote and encourage vigorous discussion and debate on all issues of public and academic importance.

Manning Clark House & Gallery hosts public addresses, debates, forums, art exhibitions, book launches, poetry readings and other gatherings in the home of Manning and Dymphna Clark in Forrest, Canberra.

Fine artists, poets and scholars are appointed as residential fellows either through winning one of our prizes or scholarships, or on the basis of open application.

Manning Clark House & Gallery supports the Aboriginal community through our Indigenous fellowships.

We are funded by donations and membership fees, as well as grants from Melbourne University, the Australian National University, and philanthropic organisations.

We value our members, patrons and sponsors. As a non government organisation, who receives no ongoing government funding, we deeply appreciate donations and contributions from our membership.

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